Feline Stomatitis

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Severe gingovo stomatitis

Cats can be affected by inflammation of the entire mouth, called stomatitis or lymphocytic plasmacytic syndrome (LPGS). An immune related cause is suspected, due to the large amount of plasma cells encountered on microscopic examination of the inflamed tissues. Many cats affected by LPS will be unable to eat, develop weight loss, and have excess salivation. Oral examination often reveals a "cobble stone"-like redness in the throat area and severe inflammation where the tooth and gums meet. The premolar and molar areas are usually affected more than the canines and incisors. Intraoral x-rays often reveal moderate to severe periodontal disease. In addition to generalized inflammation, all stages of feline ondontoclastic resorptive lesions may be present.

faucitis.jpg (6640 bytes)
Ulceration of a cat's
pharynx due to feline

In the past, therapy options for feline stomatitis included thorough teeth cleaning and polishing, fluoride, corticosteroids, gold therapy, antibiotics, lasers, and strict daily brushing . In most cases, cats were only temporarily helped with these therapies.

stompost.jpg (33191 bytes)
Resolution of ulcers
two weeks
after extraction of
cheek teeth

Newer treatment options include general cleaning, polishing, application of fluoride, and extraction of those teeth affected by FORLs or severe periodontal disease. Additionally, A CO2 laser is used to treat inflamed tissues and decrease pain. In addition, a home care program is begun. The client is instructed how to brush their cat's teeth daily, followed by irrigation with .2% chlorhexidine. If the initial treatment does not succeed within two months, then all remaining teeth are removed behind the canines. Although somewhat radical, in most cases this will provide long term success.


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